• 200 Stunning, colorful images from over 20 regions, cities and towns of Italy
  • Captions to identify the location of each photo
  • Set images as wallpaper on your computer desktop (PC Only)
  • Download Instantly for Windows or Mac!
  • Disc with custom shrink wrapped DVD case makes a great gift!
  • Spyware Free!
Experience the best of Italy, without leaving your chair. Travel to the medieval hill towns of Tuscany and the enchanting vineyards of Cinque Terra. Discover the treasures of Rome and the Vatican and the romantic canals of Venice. Take in the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como. The 200 images on this screensaver truly capture the essence of Italy and its people. If you have traveled to Italy, this screensaver is sure to conjure up wonderful memories of your adventure and will leave you eager to return! If you have not been to Italy and are planning a trip, The Journey Across Italy screensaver will leave you inspired to buy your plane ticket!

I have had the pleasure of viewing the screensaver for more than a year, now. As an avid traveler, I am thrilled to continue to view these wonderful photos. Seeing some of the famous sites brings back fond memories of my travels to Italy. My only complaint is that I almost always delay getting to work in order to just watch a few more frames flash by and have a few more longings for one of my favorite countries.
Mark Holland,
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Thank you for the excellent screen saver - your photography is astounding! Every time I look at the photographs, I experience being right there in Italy, living the life of "dolce vita".
Susan James,
Santa Rosa, California
This is the nicest screensaver I've come across and I have been looking For a long time! Not only is this the finest collection of photos on Italy, You have captured the Italian culture and style as no other. The amount ofphotos on this screensaver seems endless. What a delight to revisit Italyevery day through my screensaver! Grazie!
Patrice M. Salezze
Papavero Villa Rentals
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